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Green Sabja chicken

My first ever recipe out of a book (Ranjit Rai's Tandoor). A welcome change to the tandoori chicken (recipe includes vegetarian version)

Kerela liver pepper fry

A tasty twist on the Kerela style pepper chicken, this recipe for liver (kaleji) is a mood lifter on a cold day! Also contains important tips on deodorizing liver!

Veg Gold coin with sauce

A classic indo-chinese starter made popular by restaurants demystified! Serve it with a spicy sweet schezuan dipping sauce (recipe included) that is to die for!

Scotch Eggs

Heston Blumenthal inspired scotch eggs with my twist! The eggs are boiled, fried and then baked with an expected end result of a soft runny yolk!

Honey & black pepper chicken 

A recipe inspired by Asian flavors, the black pepper accentuates the sweet, tangy and salty tastes to perfection!​ Also introduces the concept of brining meats!

Stuffed Buns(veg & non-veg)

This stuffed buns recipe was one of my few baking successes! I made a vegetarian version replacing chicken with paneer, for veggie lovers!

Coconut beer batter shrimp

A delicious combination of beer and coconut! Serve it with the sweet green chilly dipping sauce (recipe included)!

Egg Stuffed baked potato

A simple recipe that I feel can make a complete breakfast. As always, options for the filling are endless.


Crispy Chicken Wings

My spin on the famous buffalo wings with a desi twist! Made these on a cold monsoon day, and turned out finger lickin' good!

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