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Stuffed Pomfret

A simply yet delicious and healthy recipe of fish stuffed with green masala and air fried!

Corn Bharta

This corn bharta recipe is a welcome change from the usual baigan bharta!

Black pepper Cabbage curry

A simple, 5 ingredient curry made from cabbage and onions! A welcome change to everyday cabbage curries!


A delicious tri-colored Goan layered cake, rich in flavors from coconut milk, nutmeg and cardamom!

Kairi dal

A gram dal and raw mango salad, a traditional dish from Maharashtra! A delicious simple salad!

Corn Pakodas (fritters)

A simple, delicious snack made from american sweet corn kernels that could be served hot during tea time!

Tandoori Malai Broccoli

A creamy cheesy recipe with broccoli grilled to perfection! Hopefully your kids will never say not to broccoli again!

Cabbage Momos with sepen

A deliciously healthy snack, momo stuffing wrapped in cabbage leaf, served with sepen (Tibetan hot sauce)!


Green gram seekh kabab

A great vegetarian recipe that will make your friends green with envy! Served with a mint coriander chutney!
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