Sweet n Spicy Eggs

A simple sweet n spicy egg recipe that kids would love!
Dab Chicken Biryani

Prawns Pickle (Konkani)

An authentic recipe for Prawn/shrimp pickle from the coastal regions of Konkan!


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Dab Chicken Biryani

An inspired biryani recipe; chicken and rice cooked inside a sealed tender coconut to perfection!

​​Mirchi Kharda

A spicy condiment of green chilies and garlic; a traditional Maharastrian classic!

Dates Pickle

A simple spicy sweet condiment to accompany your everyday meals!

Kharda chicken

A delicious spicy chicken recipe made from Mirchi Kharda.

Chicken Dum Biryani

A labor of love, this chicken dum biryani is as authentic as it can get, with a delicious smoky flavor!

Punjabi Bhindi Masala Fry

A simple recipe of Okra fried with spices!

Roasted masala Green peas

A spicy and healthy snack, the recipe is for an Air fryer, but can be modified to bake or deep fry!
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